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How to make a WordPress gallery correctly

Many WordPress users have experienced problem, when Gallery Images doesn’t show.

That’s why we gonna explain You how to add correctly images to gallery and how to fix the problem, when images doesn’t show.

Before we start, be sure You have set up permalinks correctly. See http://piccione.orange-themes.com/documentation/#Configure-theme-links!
After You have set up permalinks correctly, You can start create Your gallery.

Make sure you have set up gallery page in Pages → All Pages.

If not — create a new page and select Photo Gallery Template in Page Attributes.

You can add new gallery in Gallery → Add New.

Add Gallery Add Gallery

The process consists of following steps:

  1. Insert gallery title;
  2. Insert the description of the gallery;
  3. Choose gallery style;
  4. Select gallery categories;
  5. Define order number of the gallery in selected category;
  6. Adding images to your gallery:
  7. Publish Gallery
    Publish Publish